White House announces 100m American adults fully vaccinated – US politics live

  • Officials say nearly 40% of adults have protection from Covid-19
  • Biden agrees with Republican senator that US not a racist country
  • We no longer fear the tweet: Biden brings US back to world stage

6.29pm BST

More on the breaking cat mews.

NBC asked how the Bidens thought things would go with Major, the first ever White House dog to come from a rescue shelter, who has been exiled to the family home in Delaware lately for training after having trouble adjusting to the busy White House and being involved in some biting incidents.

6.15pm BST

Here’s purrrfect Friday news. Get ready for COTUS – cat of the United States.

Move over, mischievous Major, chow down on this, Champ.

“She is waiting in the wings,” said first lady Jill Biden about a cat joining the White House. pic.twitter.com/6OXvM08oNP

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