US election 2020: Obama accuses Trump of ‘lying every single day’ at Florida rally for Biden – live | US news

Trump is en route to rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin





Barack Obama, campaigning for Joe Biden swing state Florida, made the striking point that if a Democratic president acted like Donald Trump, Obama could not support that person.

Wearing a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, the 44th president told an enthusiastic crowd in Miami: “If there was a Democrat who was behaving this way, the way our current president does, I couldn’t support him.”

He went on: “If I saw a Democrat who was lying every single day – the fact checkers can’t keep up, it’s like, just over and over again – I would say that’s not the example I want, I don’t trust that person to manage the country’s affairs because it’s violating the values that we try to live by. And these are values we try to teach our kids.”

Trump has made well in excess of 20,000 false or misleading claims, according to the Washington Post. “The Trump presidency has been a factory of falsehood from the start, churning out distortions, conspiracy theories and brazen lies at an assembly-line pace,” the New York Times observed this weekend.

Obama’s presence in Florida on election eve reflects its status as one of the biggest prizes. Democrats are seeking to boost African American and Latino turnout in Miami to offset Trump’s strongholds elsewhere. But Republicans hope to appeal to Cuban-Americans by painting Biden as a bridge to the socialist left.

Obama added: “Here in south Florida you see these ads, ‘Joe palling with communists, palling with socialists’. You’d think he was having coffee with Castro every morning. Don’t fall for that. Joe Biden served as a senator from Delaware, he was my vice president. I think we’d all know if he was a secret socialist by now.”




The Guardian’s Sam Levine is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania interviewing voters. Here’s what he’s hearing on the ground.

A small line of voters gathered outside Philadelphia’s city hall on Monday afternoon, waiting in frigid temperatures to either return mail-in ballots or drop them off.

A handful of voters in line told the Guardian that they had requested a mail-in ballot but never received one. They added that they didn’t think anything nefarious had happened. Maggie Linehan, said she has a “crazy old landlord” that throws away people’s mail. Max Riccio, another voter waiting in line, said he requested a ballot about a month ago but has moved since.

Michelle Long, another voter in line, said she had sent in her ballot and forgot to sign the envelope it was in. She came to fix the issue after election officials contacted her.

Sam Levine

There was a 15-20 minute line here at Philadelphia city hall of voters coming either to fix issues with their ballot or to drop it off. Some people in line said they never got a ballot. One woman said she forgot to sign and was coming to fix

November 2, 2020

Many voters in Philadelphia, the largest city in key swing-state Pennsylvania, are voting by mail for the first time. Pennsylvania dramatically changed its voting laws last year to allow anyone to cast a ballot without an excuse. Philadelphia has had a number of satellite election sites open the last few weeks where voters can request and fill out an absentee ballot or fix an issue with one.

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