US coronavirus live: Trump floats three-state quarantine as New York deaths rise to 728 | World news

Trump is now speaking in front of the USNS Comfort hospital ship, which sets sail Saturday for coronavirus-stricken New York City. The USNS Comfort is due to arrive in Manhattan on Monday.

Trump’s travel to Norfolk, Virginia to bid the USNS Comfort bon voyage stands at odds with public health officials’s advisories against non-essential travel due to coronavirus.

“This great ship behind me is a 70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity to the incredible people of New York, a place I know very well, a place I love,” Trump says. “We are with you all the way, and always will be.”

“You have the unwavering support of the entire nation, the entire government, and the entire American people,” Trump says.

Trump’s message of unity toward New York came in the wake of comments that he was weighing the imposition of a quarantine on this state, as well as New Jersey and parts of Connecticut.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference that Trump hadn’t mentioned a possible quarantine during a call with him earlier.

“We will stop at nothing to protect the health of New Yorkers, and the health of people in our country,” Trump also says in front of the USNS Comfort, insisting that people from the New York metro area self-quarantine if they travel elsewhere.

“I am now considering, and will make a decision very quickly, very shortly, a quarantine because it’s such a hot area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we’ll be announcing that one way or another fairly soon,” he also said. “This does not apply to people such as truckers from outside the New York area … it won’t affect trade in any way.”