Trump impeachment: attention turns to Senate after House votes to impeach – live

  • Impeachment in the House triggers trial in the Senate
  • National Mall to close for inauguration due to security concerns
  • Fourth House member tests positive for Covid after riot
  • Trump’s fate in Senate trial will tell future of Republicans
  • Trump ‘refusing to pay’ Giuliani’s legal fees after falling out
  • Kamala Harris: how will the next vice-president wield her power? Join the Guardian for a live conversation on 18 January

4.28pm GMT

Joe Biden plans to name Jaime Harrison, the former South Carolina Senate candidate, as his pick to lead the Democratic National Committee, according to a new report.

The New York Times reports:

A former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Mr. Harrison became a national political star last year as he shattered fund-raising records in his race against Senator Lindsey Graham, who was up for re-election. While Mr. Harrison lost in November, drawing 44 percent of the vote to Mr. Graham’s 55 percent, he developed a broad bench of support across the party.

He is also well-known to staff and members of the D.N.C., a result of his work heading the South Carolina state party and a failed bid to become chairman of the committee in 2017. (Tom Perez, the outgoing D.N.C. chair, won that race.) Mr. Harrison has been championed by Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, an influential Biden ally who helped the president-elect win the primary race in Mr. Clyburn’s home state. Mr. Perez opted against running for a second term.

4.10pm GMT

Peter Meijer, a Republican congressman who voted in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, said some of his colleagues are hiring armed escorts and acquiring body armor out of fear for their safety.

“When it comes to my family’s safety, that’s something that we’ve been planning for, preparing for, taking appropriate measures,” Meijer, a Republican of Michigan, told MSNBC.

“Our expectation is that somebody may try to kill us.” — Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), who voted to impeach Trump, says he and other lawmakers believe their lives are in danger following yesterday’s impeachment.

He also says they are altering their routines and buying body armor.

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