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Trump denies he will declare election victory prematurely


More from Adam Gabbatt in Trumbull county, Ohio – one of nine counties which flipped from voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 to backing Trump in 2016:

Trump, more than Biden, desperately needs to win here given his reported struggles elsewhere in the mid-west. Happily, his supporters think he will.

“It’s going to be a landslide. An absolute landslide,” said Sean Delaney. He was carrying a particularly big flag which had a drawing of two guns on it.

“You can hear the horns. This is crazy.”

Adam Gabbatt

Some banter taking place near Warren, OH

November 1, 2020

Delaney rubbished polling which suggests Trump will not win in a landslide.

“It’s gonna be just like last time. He’s gonna blow it out of the water. I think the media is misrepresenting it.”

Christy Conde stood next to Delaney. She is a rare – at least in terms of people I’ve met – Trump supporter who was happy to criticize the president.

“I like Trump even though I don’t like Trump. He’s so tacky. The debates were a debacle, he doesn’t know how to shut up,” Conde, 45, said.

As a lifelong Democrat, what Conde does like about Trump is that under him manufacturing jobs “are coming back”. Rust Belt states such as Ohio have suffered in recent decades as manufacturing and steel plants, and coal mines, have shut down.

Trump has claimed he “brought back 700,000 [manufacturing] jobs”, which is a lie, and suggested Obama and Biden “brought back nothing”. Neither of those things are true, but among some, at least, it seems like that doesn’t matter.