Donald Trump to be formally nominated for election as Republican convention gets underway – US politics live

  • President and VP Mike Pence to be formally nominated by RNC this morning
  • Kellyanne Conway set to leave White House at end of month
  • Wisconsin protests after video appears to show police shooting black man in back
  • 446 deaths and 32,340 new cases of Covid-19 reported in US on Sunday
  • Pompeo to meet Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem
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1.36pm BST

As well as Portland and Kenosha, there was also a Black Lives Matter demonstration yesterday and last night in Lafayette over the death of another Black man after a police encounter. Trayford Pellerin was shot and killed Friday night.

Associate Press report that protesters marched through the Louisiana city holding signs and at times blocking traffic following an event at Lafayette City Hall where protesters demanded racial justice.

1.22pm BST

Ed Pilkington has dived into America’s history of voter suppression with a look at 1981, and how Republicans ‘invented’ the National Ballot Security Task Force.

“Warning” the posters stated in big red letters. “This area is being patrolled by the National Ballot Security Task Force. It is a crime to falsify a ballot.”

Top conservative strategists built it from scratch, inventing a private vigilante squad of 200 off-duty police officers and private security guards. They carried visible firearms, wore armbands bearing the name of the “Task Force”, and were equipped with official-looking walkie-talkies.

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