‘Craziest thing’: Tennessee police shock escaped and ‘agitated’ zebra with a Taser | Tennessee

Law enforcement officials helped capture a loose zebra in middle Tennessee after it escaped from an exotic livestock auction.

According to news outlets, the Cookeville police department and Putnam county sheriff’s office assisted Triple W employees to capture the “agitated” zebra early Friday morning. Cookeville is about 80 miles (128km) east of Nashville.

Multiple methods were used to attempt to regain control of the animal. At one point, two police officers made “unsuccessful attempts” to deploy Tasers to help capture the animal.

A nearby elementary school alerted parents in a Facebook post that “There is a zebra on the loose in the Prescott area. It escaped a truck, was tased, and is mad. Do not approach. (Yes, really.)”

Ashley Danielle Francis, a Prescott South middle school teacher, told WSMV-TV that she noticed the zebra while driving to work, calling it the “craziest thing I ever think I’ve ever seen in this town”.

It took nearly three hours to corner and direct the zebra onto a transport trailer.