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Maryland governor Larry Hogan.

Maryland governor Larry Hogan. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

At the briefing, the president defended the administration against complaints from some state governors, from both parties, that the federal government is not helping them get the type of testing for the spread of the virus that will help states plan for careful reopening of their economies.

Trump singled out Illinois’ governor JB Pritzker, a Democrat, and Maryland’s governor Larry Hogan, a Republican and the chairman of the national governors association.

Trump said that the federal government had sent to each state a lost of the testing facilities in their state, but claimed that Pritzker and Hogan didn’t understand what they had been told even though it was “very simple”.

Hogan moments ago went on CNN for a live interview and said that, as governor, he was well aware of the testing facilities in his state.

“We already know where the lab facilities are,” Hogan said. He added: “More than half [of those listed by the federal government] in Maryland were federal facilities that we have desperately been trying to get help from, or military facilities.”

Maybe someone fed those comments swiftly back to vice president Mike Pence in the WH briefing room, because he just declared that the administration would make such federal and military facilities “available to governors across the states.”


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