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Milwaukee resident Molly Brunner, 25, requested her absentee ballot on 18 March, but it never came. She went to the polls first thing Tuesday morning, but the line was too long, so she left and came back later. She waited about 40 minutes in line to vote. …

Joe Ashworth, 30, another Milwaukee resident, said he didn’t receive his ballot after requesting it in mid-March. He went to the polls on Tuesday morning and wound up waiting two hours in line to vote.

Amelia Brummond, 34, submitted her request for a ballot for herself and her husband on 12 March. Her husband’s ballot came weeks later, but hers never came. She said she tried to follow up with election officials in Milwaukee, but never got an answer. Brummond, who has five children, said she won’t go to the polls on Tuesday because it’s too risky. She wanted to vote in a school measure that was on the ballot, but won’t be able to.

‘I can’t bring coronavirus into my house,’ she said. ‘I’m just going to have to opt out.’