Biden says Trump ‘gone round the bend if he thinks we’ve turned corner’ on Covid as cases surge – as it happened | US news

En route, the motorcade passed a half dozen Biden supporters holding a sign that read: “Honk if you vote Democrat.”

As the motorcade drove through Newport Beach, thousands of Trump supporters lined the streets. The throng of supporters included people with hoisting U.S. flags, Trump flags and Trump placards. Many people wore MAGA hats and other Trump apparel.

Some chanted “USA” as the motorcade passed.

A large crowd lined the street outisde the fundraiser in Newport Beach, apparently waiting to get into the residence. Scores of people shouted at disparaging comments about the news media as the pool exited the press vans and walked passed them.

Several men yelled: “Fake news!”

A man called out: “Where’s Hunter!”

Another man yelled: “The computer is real” and “Don’t spin this event.”

An older woman sitting in a golf cart called out: “The lying press has arrived.”